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Election Statement

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Election Statement 

Hi, my name is Adam Clarke, I'm 15 and I currently go to Abbot Beyne school.

I'm seeking your support in the up and coming 2010 United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP) elections, in Staffordshire, east division.  The UKYP is Your chance to be heard and represented with your views, issues and opinions all being taken into account.

This is your chance to have your say on what really matters to you.

Having ran in the UKYP elections for the past two years and spent the past 12 months as an active member of the Youth Action Kouncil (YAK) attending regular  meetings and also helping to plan and participate in the Speakout Conference, in particular the transport workshop, which was attended by over 200 young people.

As well as taking an active role in YAK and the Speakout Conference, I have also been a part of the recently set up website, that aims to tell the youth of Staffordshire, local activities which they can be a part of, by being on the team of young people tasked with the promotion and development of youfind.

This has all helped me to gain valuable experience, a wealth of  knowledge and confidence, needed in representing young people in Staffordshire and at a national level to put their ideas, views and opinions forward, which also puts me as one of the most experienced candidates in the east division.

Because of this, I have spent a long time in gaining the views of young people in Burton finding out what they actually want, and not what they are being told they want. One of the major issues in Burton is the lack of things to do, and with the closure of the bowling alley and swimming pool, this situation has become worse, leaving us bored with nothing to do.

Some of the issues which I would be campaigning for if I'm elected onto the UK Youth Parliament would be:

  • Improve the facilities in the local area and the lack of things to do
  • A crackdown on bullying and cyber-bullying
  • Improved support for victims of bullying
  • Better support and information for people in year 11, making the transition to post-16 education.
  • To improve the negative image of young people
  • Raise the profile of the UK Youth Parliament in the local area
  • Tuition fees at universities reduced or abolished
  • The introduction of a Youth Discount Card for all 11-18's in full time education
  • Cheaper transport for young people

I really hope that you can give me the opportunity in representing your views as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP). If you vote for me I will do my best and up most in campaigning for you and your views at a local, regional and national level, taking it to the uppermost levels for the young people in Burton, Tamworth and Uttoxeter.

~ Adam

For more information about the United Kingdom Youth Parliament: About UKYP

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