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Issue: Lack Of Things To Do

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Issue: Lack Of Things To Do
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In Burton there is very little which young people can take part in and have fun. With the closure of the Burton Bowling Alley at Bargates, and also the recent closure of the Meadowside for refurbishment, this has left people in Burton with hardly anything which they can do in there own time. Especially young people because they restricted by means in which to travel, such as a car.

This only leaves the cinema and hanging around town as a valid option for which young people can do. This, however, not only leaves a poor choice of facilities in the area, but also is not a suitable option every weekend, as the cost of going to the cinema soon adds up.

There is also clearly, a demand for a bowling alley in Burton, as well as other new facilities in which people can take part in, and this demand is shown by a Facebook group alone, called 'we want a bowling alley in Burton!' which has attracted over 5,000 members to its cause.

What I propose is to see a range of new facilities in Burton, which people can take part in after school, at weekends and in the school holidays. 

These type of facilities would include things such as a bowling alley, more youth club provisions, an Ice Rink, Roller skating, laser quest, a Live music venue, more under 18 clubs (e.g UBA) or even just more places to hang out.  

If elected onto the UK Youth Parliament I will actively campaign to see the introduction of such facilities in Burton and the surrounding areas to make the lives of young people more fun and to benefit them.

If you have not voted yet there is still time. Vote by either:

  • Texting: 'vote adam'                                                                   
  • To: 60003                                                                                      
  • online at:                                             
  • ballot boxes which will be going around schools.                     

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