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Issue: Raise The Profile Of The UK Youth Parliament

Monday, 1 February 2010

Issue: Raise The Profile Of The UK Youth Parliament

~ image copyright UK Youth Parliament

If elected onto the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP), as a Member of the Youth Parliament (MYP) one of the things which I would like to see improved is the profile of the UKYP, the majority of people have never heard of it or the work in which it does for them.

At present, there is very little known  about the UKYP and the work that it does for people aged 11 to 18, in the local area.

This leaves a large proportion of young people unable to raise any issues they have with the UKYP, this also makes it an even bigger problem when it comes to the election of there local UKYP member, because they don't have much of an idea what they are voting for or why.

The way I would go about in raising the profile of the UK Youth Parliament in the local area, would be to keep people informed with what is going on, as well as what I have been up to in a regular newsletter. 

I would also look to keep people up to date with what was going on through other forms of media such as local newspapers, social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, school assembles as well as from my website:

If you have not voted yet there is still time. Vote by either:

  • Texting: 'vote adam'                                                          
  • To: 60003                                                                           
  • online at:                                        
  • ballot boxes which will be going around schools.           

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